Our Values 

Excellence means we perform the highest quality work in any given situation because what we do impacts others both now and in the future. For this reason, we seek to develop solutions that are both replicable and sustainable in alignment with our business model to provide higher quality homes for less money. When we encounter failure or setbacks, we keep showing up with grit and determination, learning from each experience. Unwilling to settle, we take time to research and learn the best possible data/knowledge from within our team and the industry at large with efficient, focused work and resilience, removing distractions that deter from our goals. We apply new learned ideas, current trends, and methodologies to produce the best possible value in our homes.

We value fun! While we are diligent and produce quality work each day, our goal is to be characterized by a lighthearted work environment because we recognize the bounds of our responsibility and then we trust God with the end result. As well, we seek engaging, enjoyable relationships and community. We appreciate those around us and aim to put a smile on the faces of others through their interaction with us. Fun is part of the fabric of our company, and as such, should be expressed, embraced, and experienced by us all.

We recognize that all we have been given (time, knowledge, and resources) is not solely for our own benefit. Because of this, we consider it a privilege to be generous to those around us. As stewards, we handle our resources and responsibilities well so we can express a heart of generosity in every interaction and opportunity. We jointly and personally share of our time, knowledge, and our resources to better the lives of those around us and so that the weight of our enterprise does not land on one person.

We understand growth is crucial for long term health. Growth isn’t merely about a larger company, but also about fostering depth in one another and with those we partner. We seek growth both as a corporate whole and also in our individual personal, spiritual, financial and professional lives. Whether we are expanding to a new market or simply learning a new skill, growth requires dedication, hard work, discipline, and a hunger for learning. Growth may require swimming upstream as we engage new information, embrace new technology, and innovate within our industry. As we grow, we have more opportunities to positively impact the lives and communities around us through homes, careers, businesses, and economies.

Integrity means we are faithful in our work and interactions both large and small. We value our word: we communicate with transparency and honesty even when difficult, we fulfill our commitments. We value truth: when we make a mistake or identify a deficiency, rather than seeking to hide it, we own it and fix it even when it costs us time or money. Because of integrity, we can count on one another. Whether our work is seen or unseen, we look out for the interests of others and are passionate about building quality homes. Integrity is valued above the bottom line.

We believe that we are better together, and as such, we serve, honor and celebrate one another as we work daily to build and sell homes. We value collaboration and recognize that we sharpen one another and can produce better results with a team than on our own. As such, we approach our interactions with a heart of humility; intolerant of discord, personal attacks, or any form of disrespect. We value diversity and seek to understand the perspectives and ideas of others, especially when they differ from our own. We invite and encourage healthy debate, as it makes us all sharper as we seek to find the best solutions. At the end of the day, it’s not about who gets the credit, but instead about great ideas and excellent execution of our work.