Thank you for answering God’s call to be involved in ministry! Part of our ministry at Schuber Mitchell Homes is to support God’s people as they live out His mission on earth. Our team will pray, listen, and seek God, to know what our role might be as we intersect the need that you are highlighting in this application.

We take this very seriously and not all applications are funded; even if we have supported in the past, it does not guarantee a future gift. Please know that it is important to us that our giving supports the mission of The Church. Therefore, Church involvement and support of what you are doing (at least by a body of leaders/elders) should be noted if there is any.

If your request is under $500, we will prayerfully consider your request and respond to you when we have reached a decision. This process is normally over the course of a few weeks. If your request is over $500, you may be added to a list of potential Ministry Meeting presenters. You will be on this list for up to a year. These meetings happen once a month and they are an opportunity for our whole team to learn more about your ministry and your request. If you are requesting more than $500 we will send you more information about the meeting process once you have filled out the form.

Four pillars that guide our giving:

1. Bring the Gospel to unreached people.

2. Church planting

3. Empowering people out of poverty.

4. Supporting the weak or oppressed (widows, orphans, and unborn)